Welscamp, Wallercamp,Welsangeln, Wallerangeln, Welsangeln in Italien, Wallerangeln in Italien, Karpfenangeln, Welscamp am Po, Wallercamp am Po, Angelreise nach Italien, Angelreisen nach Italien, Angeln in Italien, Angeln am Po, Karpfenangeln in Italien, Karpfenangeln am Po, Karpfenangeln im Po, Welcome Superlative Catfish Fishing Top Class Carp Fishing Made with Xara here is the town Polesella catfish from the river Po nice Carp Benvenuti into Polesella at the river Po, in the province Venezia. At the other bank of the river the Emilia Romagna begins. On the edge of town Polesella, in the very old district of St. Maura, the manor house is situated, offering you and your friends or your family the framework for a unique holiday experience. The contrast between the cultural monuments of this region and the experience of pure nature for fishing makes your stay a memorable event. Catfish fishing in the river Po, at one of the best fishing trails of the river Po you can find the illuminated boat dock - only a few steps away from your apartment. The capture of a beautiful catfish beyond the magical 2-meter mark, is not uncommon. With our fully equipped boats, you get your dream fish. Carp fishing in the river Po, at one of the most famous fishing line at this majestic river, the passionate carp angler will probably find the best fishing hot spots. Wild and mirror carp in gigantic sizes up to 60 pounds are not unusual. For more informations. please call: +49 (0) 991 / 28 988 660 or send an E-Mail to: info@king-tours.de or click here for the informations in german The River Po The river Po, (Latin: Padus, German outdated also: path, from MHG Phat or Pfât) rises in the Po Valley in the Cottian Alps near the Italian-French Border and flows nearby Adriatic Sea (Venice) in the Adriatic Sea. With a length of 652 km, it is the longest river in Italy. The catchment area covers an area of about 75,000 qkm. On a wide range the river flows through the Po Valley (Pianura Padana), the most important agricultural and industrial region of Italy. 1852 the Po-Shipping was taken over by the Austrian Lloyd and reorganized. The Po has an extensive delta of about 380 qkm and is widening constantly. The five most important of the many channels there are Po di Maestra, Po della Pila, Po delle Tolle, Po di Gnocca and Po di Goro. sunset at the river Po Welscamp, Wallercamp, Welscamp am Po, Wallercamp am Po, Welsangeln, Wallerangeln, Wallerfischen, Welsfischen, Welsangeln in Italien, Wallerangeln in Italien, Welsangeln am Po, Wallerangeln am Po, Welsangeln im Po, Wallerangeln im Po, Welsfischen in Italien, Wallerfischen in Italien, Welsfischen am Po, Wallerfischen am Po, Welsfischen im Po, Wallerfischen im Po, Karpfenangeln, Karpfenangeln in Italien, Karpfenangeln am Po, Karpfenangeln im Po,  Karpfenfischen, Karpfenfischen in Italien, Karpfenfischen am Po, Karpfenfischen im Po, Angelreise nach Italien, Angelreisen nach Italien, Angelreise, Angelreisen, Angelurlaub, Angelurlaub in Italien, Angelurlaub am Po, Angelferien in Italien, Angelferien am Po, Angeln in Italien, Angeln am Po, Angeln im Po, Angeln Italien, Fischen in Italien, Fischen am Po, Fischen im Po, Fischen Italien, Wels, Waller, Karpfen, Grosskarpfen, große Karpfen, Ferienwohnung, Ferienwohnung in Italien, Ferienwohnung Italien, Ferienwohnung am Po, Ferienwohnungen, Ferienwohnungen in Italien, Ferienwohnungen Italien,Ferienwohnungen am Po, Appartements, Appartements in Italien, Appartements Italien, Appartements am Po, Appartement, Appartement in Italien, Appartement Italien, Appartement am Po, Zimmer vermieten, Zimmervermietung, Zimmer vermieten in Italien, Zimmervermietung in Italien, Zimmer vermieten am Po, Zimmervermietung am Po, Urlaub, Urlaub in Italien, Urlaub am Po, Ferien, Ferien in Italien, Ferien am Po, Download our brochure click for larger image © Designed by Olaf Gehrloff 2010 - Alle Rechte vorbehalten - Angeln Alaska King Tours Angelreisen